Credit Asset Management (CAML)

Credit Asset Management Limited (CAML) was established in 2011 as a challenger to the established banks & corporate finance providers, when its founders foresaw that the consequences of the ‘Credit Crunch’ and subsequent recession had changed the face of UK business finance and lending forever, particularly for UK SMEs.

CAML is an alternative source of finance, acting as a lead principal lender and asset manager for a range of funds from public and private sources, when combined it has created a unique lending platform. This platform not only allows CAML to offer its own money, but also to invest on behalf of the managed funds under its discretion, which means that CAML is able to offer greater lines of credit per client with a more flexible and personalised set of lending criteria.

CAML actively supports all types of UK SMEs, from recently incorporated through to established companies, many of whom struggle to meet more stringent bank lending criteria. CAML appreciates that no two enquiries, businesses or lending requirements are the same, but most importantly the company knows that there is more to funding a business than just a credit score! CAML has developed a deep understanding of the SME market and its client base is truly diverse, as is the range of items that have been financed. Its finance solutions combine the team’s experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver pertinent solutions for client needs.